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The medifit active band 1 (light) is ideal for individuals seeking to start exercising or slowly return to physical activity. It can be used for gentle toning, injury prevention and rehab. It can also be used for functional training that recreates everyday/sports specific movements that improve mobility and coordination.


The Active band 1 is ideal for gentle toning and injury prevention. It can also be used as part of a rehab program that looks to improve range of motion. With the Active band 1, you will be able to improve your muscle & joint mobility and stabilisation for a better performance of your daily movements.

Features & Benefits

- Latex band
- Helps promote mobility and provide challenge to upper and lower body workouts
- Continuous progressive tension that maximises muscle engagement and contraction
- Builds muscle, tendon and ligament strength, protecting the joints from injury
- May raise awareness of muscle imbalances and poor proprioception (sense of body position and movement)
- Extra-long band for added exercise versatility and increased range of motion
- See the progressive resistance chart for resistance reference

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