About Us

At Medifit, we encourage people to be more active, regardless of their lifestyle, physical ability, gender, or age by using simple premium quality but affordable portable products. We promote an effective way to boost your health by the use of our therapeutic range.

Whether you are looking to build strength, improve your recovery, manage pain or increase your range of motion, the Medifit products can help you create the lifestyle you deserve.

Smarter Movement, Better Lifestyle


    To enhance the lifestyle of people by improving their strength and movement.


    To be a globally trusted brand that helps enhance people’s lives.


    We strive to improve the lives of millions around the world, by providing quality products and professional expertise. We believe Movement is Medicine.

  • people with poor health

    People with Poor Health

  • aches and pains

    Muscular Aches & Pains

  • recovery and rehabilitation

    Recovery & Rehabilitation

  • weights

    Health Enthusiast & Fitness Fanatics

  • Time poor individuals

    Time Poor Individual

  • sleeping

    Inactive Sedentary Person